Tip Jar

“Danny is great. He is a genius composer/musician. He has a unique gift for translating Danny & Swampy’s musical ideas delivered verbally into actual musical arrangements. Which makes P & F really come to life. As a person, he’s definitely got roots in cool, but he’s as humble as really talented people can possibly come. Danny is a gem.”

Legendary Rocker

“Danny Jacob is a real find, we could not do the show without him.  Not only does he fill the show with wonderful underscore that always adds to the comedy or drama of the moment, but he fully produces the hundreds of songs that we write on guitar and sing badly into his answering machine.  Somehow, he makes them actually sound good.  We’re not sure how he does that, but he does.”

Dan and Swampy
Creators and Executive Producers of “Phineas and Ferb

“Hey my old pal. Congrats on everything . You deserve it. Slash told me he dug working with you on the new film and I always loved the way you played back in high school. Keep up the great work.”

Steve Lukather
Artist, 5 Time Grammy Winner, Guitar Player Magazine reader poll winner Best Studio Player 5 years in a row

“Many times I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Danny. He elevated my work with his incredible talent. He is truly one of the most versatile musicians I have toured with. I still believe, however, he owes me some money for a mini-bar bill. I am proud to say Danny produced and played on one of my albums. Recently, we worked in his studio on Disney’s Phineas and Ferb. As a producer, he has the amazing knack of knowing what is needed for that particular moment, combined with the ability to communicate to his artist how best to deliver it. And the humor and patience to make the session a blast!”

Thanks Danny…

Sheena Easton
Grammy and Academy Award nominated recording artist
Vocalist on three “Phineas and Ferb” songs: “When Will He Call Me”, “Evil Love Song”, and “Candace the Teenage Girl”

“As leader of Tower of Power, I consider it a true blessing to have had Danny Jacob play guitar in our band in the mid 80’s. At that time, we didn’t have a keyboard player and Danny’s well rounded style really filled up the band. He came in ‘an incredible player’ and he left ‘an incredibly soulful player’. His funky rhythm, blistering solos, and background vocals were a perfect fit for Tower of Power.”

Emilio Castillo
Saxaphone player and Composer, founder of Tower of Power

“Danny is a true Pioneer of the Guitar. He can play anything we can throw at him.”

Matt Bissonette
Bass player for David Lee Roth, Steve Perry, Brian Wilson, and many more